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New episode  /  Wounds.

WELCOME TO COMICS + CRYSTALSa monthly video series exploring the mindset shifts that make our creativity thrive.

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A Meditation To Calm Your Mind From Irrational Thoughts

In this post, I'm teaching you my favorite Kundalini yoga meditation! It's all about calming your nerves, mind, and helps you get past pesky irrational thoughts... You'll strengthen your ability to work through creative blocks and turn negative self-talk into...

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3 Ways To Unlock Comic Book Magic In Real Life

Magic superpowers are everywhere in comic books. We read them and live vicariously through the tales of ordinary (and already magical) people discovering newfound strength, insight, and power. But, guess what? There are actual magic powers that we can tap into in our...

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Comics That Say More: Porky

When I was 8, I wore an oversized, baby-pink sweatshirt to school. My friends called me Porky Pig. They claimed it was because of our shared pink hue... All I saw was our shared pot bellies. When I was 11, a doctor prescribed me Paxil. The pills replaced my anxiety...

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