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Power Up: Why You Should Limit Your Creativity

Being creative is the best feeling. It's aligning, inspiring, flowing bliss. But while it's so lovely, why do we have such a hard time allowing ourselves to be creative? We mentally drown an idea in self-doubt, criticism, and, ultimately, prioritize what's on Netflix...

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A Recent History Of Women In Comics

When the trailer first landed for the Summer 2016 film (and unsuspecting Oscar winner) Suicide Squad, starring Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Jared Leto, people had two very different opinions: One was that Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, psychiatrist turned...

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Let’s Talk About Self-Love + Comics

Welcome to March (the month that naturally tells us to move forward! 😉) This month's topic is self-love. Knowing how to love yourself (in life + in creativity) isn't something that you just understand. It’s something you feel. So I put together a bit of a multimedia...

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Guess What? Mistakes Actually Aren’t The Worst

Making mistakes while we are drawing sucks. But they only stay mistakes if we don't learn from them. Learning from drawing mistakes is, like the meaning of the box on that episode of Friends, threefold: 1) Know you can fix them. 2) Don't label them as weaknesses. 3)...

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Being inspired isn’t enough…

Let's play word association! I'll go first: Inspiration. ...Inspiration = treadmill! "Wait, what? Treadmill?!" 👈 You must be wondering why inspiration makes me think of exercise equipment but stick with me here... The thing about inspiration is: it makes you feel like...

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