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New Episode  /  Wounds.

Welcome to Comics + Crystalsa monthly video series exploring the mindset shifts that make our creativity thrive. In these videos, our experiences become magical inspiration and the not-so-great things shape shift, to help us live an even more creative, high-vibe life!

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Comics That Say More: Porky

When I was 8, I wore an oversized, baby-pink sweatshirt to school. My friends called me Porky Pig. They claimed it was because of our shared pink hue... All I saw was our shared pot bellies. When I was 11, a doctor prescribed me Paxil. The pills replaced my anxiety...

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Power Up: Why You Should Limit Your Creativity

Being creative is the best feeling. It's aligning, inspiring, flowing bliss. But while it's so lovely, why do we have such a hard time allowing ourselves to be creative? We mentally drown an idea in self-doubt, criticism, and, ultimately, prioritize what's on Netflix...

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