Tired of dreaming and not doing? Try this.


You know the homes you see in movies: stately, polished, in a neighborhood like the one Lady Bird thirsts after? They’re somehow new and old at the same time. With classic touches. And a kitchen island that’s meant to congregate around. It’s spacious, not so cramped you have to balance a cutting board over the sink to make room for a single bowl. Those places feel rich. Not just because of the price per square foot or zip code, but because of the feeling of hospitality baked in.

Come right in, take a load off, cook, nourish yourself, and talk about the latest. How was your day? Can you believe the latest Bravo news? Pass the Grey Poupon!

It’s family. It’s friends. It’s the wholesomeness of a vintage, after-school Totino’s commercial with the warm reception of Cheers.

But what is life when you’re on the outside looking in on these scenes? It feels less nourishing that’s for sure.

We seek these metaphorical kitchens elsewhere, peering in through that parasocial peephole that is Instagram. There, we tell ourselves: it’s not fictional. It’s real. Someone JUST LIKE ME has it so I can too. And then our energy is spent trying to achieve this Nancy Meyers-worthy life instead of finding it in what we already have.

It makes me think of creativity.

True creativity comes from working with what little you have to create something that doesn’t FEEL like it. It’s a mindset. And that’s always been one of my biggest stances.

Being creative isn’t so much about talent but the way you utilize whatever tools you have in front of you.

Big, small, pricey, scant, it doesn’t matter. People have created trash-to-art events at Art Basel. Sold stories written on the back of a napkin. So don’t rob yourself of your power today by being too wrapped up in looking like tomorrow.

Literally, tomorrow doesn’t exist (getting metaphysical on ya for a sec) so while you’re spending your energy on something that isn’t real, use that imagination to enjoy the moment and get your hands creatively dirty with the knowledge and tools you have in this very moment.

And most importantly, don’t forget the feeling. The feeling you want to create. The feeling you have while you’re creating. Sit around that Cribs-worthy, perfect kitchen in your mind and hang out with all your sources of inspiration. Cook something good from that place. Something to nourish your creative side, right now.

Yes, you heard me: right now.

  1. What’s something you’ve been wanting to create?
  2. How can you start right now? What permission do you need to give yourself?
  3. Now set the scene… What can get to make the process feel hospitable for yourself? Like a treat yo self moment. A reward for the action you’re taking. A blanket? Gummy snacks? Favorite tunes? Find something you already have on hand that brings you joy.
  4. Now, make the damn thing! Just start. Don’t judge. Don’t worry about sharing it but do it if it feels good. Then rinse and repeat whenever you feel the nudge.

Do the above and you’re not just creating a thing but you’re cultivating a moment for yourself.

That’s as luxe and relaxed as Meryl Streep’s kitchen.

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