21 Fun Ideas For Mini Comics


Here are 21 prompts to spark story ideas for your comics. See where an idea leads you and how it can help you make a crazy-fun mini comic that people will go crazy about!

1.  House monster

What’s something in your house that always breaks down and drives you crazy? Turn it into a monster and create a horror story about it (i.e. like the furnace in Home Alone.)

2.  Green with…

What’s something you envy? Create a character who either has this thing OR doesn’t and is trying madly to get it.

3.  So real

Highlight something that happened to you today that you know other people will deeply relate to.

4.  Child’s play

What’s something that you had as a child, like a childhood toy or something you coveted? Envision your own version of it and use it for theme, topic, or character.

5.  Personal shopper

What’s a piece of clothing that you would LOVE to own? Reward yourself with it…through your mini comic. Think of a character who has a similar item. Tell a story about how they got it or how they live their life while wearing it.

6.  Meet cute

Take two characters on a first date… That sometimes-awkward coffee or going to the movies.

7.  Ch-ch-ch-changes

Think back to a change that had a really huge impact on you… Was there a shift in your living situation or did you have to change jobs and it was scary? Be honest + relatable by telling a story around this real life change.

8.  Catty condiments

Write about your favorite foods. Have them come to life and talk to one another or gossip about other foods.

9.  Front page story

If your mini comic was a tabloid, what story would it be reporting on?

10.  Trolling

Who’s someone you’ve dealt with that had a difficult personality? Give them a new identity as a fantasy character and put them in a real world situation (i.e. a mean store manager becomes an evil wizard.)

11.  Getaway

What trip have you gone on that you can use as a setting for your mini comic?

12.  Crafty crafty

What’s something that you’ve made by hand? Show someone using it OR have the item come to life as its own character.

13.  Queued up

Write a story about an experience of waiting in line.

14.  Bookworm

What’s the genre of the last book you read? Create your mini comic in the same genre.

15.  Teen beat

Who was your #1 celebrity crush when you were growing up? Reinvent their persona by building a similar character.

16.  Blue ribbon

What’s a personal milestone that you’ve accomplished? Think about it and write a character who achieves it or the specific event itself.

17.  Silicon scenario

Create a parody that plays on that fandom + fascination that we have with technology. Like how people wait in such long lines at Best Buy for Black Friday or at the Apple store to get the newest iPhone… OR trying thinking up your own technological invention and the craze surrounding it.

18.  Faux sidekick

Think of your best friend and write them as an amazing sidekick character… Then turn the tables and make the comic about them, so they become the star.

19.  In the lab

Think of what kind of mad scientist you’d become and a science experiment they can work on.

20.  Sweet melody

Write a song and incorporate it into the storyline of your mini comic.

21.  Wild blossoms

Imagine a field of flowers and create different personalities for each of the flowers. Write what kinds of conversations they’d have with one another in this field.

Have fun creating with these prompts. And don’t feel like you have to follow them strictly. They’re all over the place: some fantastical, some real life, and some human and not-so-human. Allow yourself the same creative freedom.

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