With comics anything’s possible.



What makes it like that? EASY is the watchword.

Here’s the thing: Oodles of comic how-to’s focus on the “pro” way. The hitch with that?

  • They’re branded for beginners but you’re being taught someone else’s highlight reel (a.k.a. the shiny products of their years of experience)—leading to comparison-itus and frustration faster than you can say: bazinga!
  • They say, “Draw people in real life. Learn anatomy.” That’s hard when you’re allergic to life-drawing classes (after all, stick figures are your spirit animal.) And anatomy? That’s reserved for the posters in your doctor’s office.
  • Simpler ways hide from you in stacks of other books… And like that (*snap*), your fun is officially smothered with overload. And then: giving up.

That’s why I’m allllllll about true comic ease. Showing you the YOU way to make your comic…creating it in a way that’s easiest for you. It shouldn’t be done the Marvel or DC way, or look Stan Lee or Daniel Clowes style. It should ooze: YOUR VISION. YOUR STYLE. YOUR COOL. Whether you crave to make New Yorker-style single panels or an epic graphic novel… If you’re #goals about having your own booth at Comic-Con or just want something WOW your followers on social media…



Comics are yours to create.

(People will call you “EXCELSIOR!”)

Wanna know more about me❓

I have a Hulk-sized passion for equality in comics… 

Especially looking out for how women are represented. Comics in the mainstream have made progress but the world needs more of that momentum.

Amplified. Represented. In a real way.

Making sure that women are projected as more than just the “fantasy”. a.k.a. more than hot pants and boobs. Proving them just as strong as anyone else.

Because comics can be anything and for everyone

 Not just 12-year-old boys.

Not just Superman, Spider-man or Arm-Fall-Off Boy (yep, he’s a real thing.)

My work takes more of an everyday, indie spirit than superhero… While superheroes are what represent comics in the mainstream (and are some of my favorite comics to read…hi, Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye!), I’m also passionate about people knowing titles like Ghost World as much as they know The Avengers.

I want to see a universe where a legit superpower is being accepted as human. However we are. Where guys can cry, and not be thought any less than for it. Where the disabled are portrayed as amazingly capable as they truly are. And men can love men, women can love women, or not be attracted to anyone at all. Where there’s a world of religion, cultures, and races represented. And having the same diversity behind the scenes too.

Comics aren’t a boys club…or a girls club either. And they’re not a certain people club. Comics are an equal people club (anyone can create comics + kick ass at it!)



Wanna join me in thinking outside–& breaking apart–the old-fashioned box?

These are a few of my favorite things 🎶

Indie comics 🤓, Frasier, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, British TV, Paris Texas (Harry Dean Stanton! 😢💔), The Criterion Collection, Anthropologie, high-waisted jeans + cozy tees, Reformation, swooning over old Alain Delon movies, Nancy Drew, A Course in Miracles + Gabby Bernstein mediations, truffle fries, Ritter coconut cream chocolate, clean beauty, neon signs, reciting Phoebe Buffay songs, and shameless people watching. 




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