Why You Should Limit Your Creativity

Being creative is the best feeling. It's aligning, inspiring, flowing bliss. But while it's so lovely, why do we have such a hard time allowing ourselves to be creative? We mentally drown an idea in self-doubt, criticism, and, ultimately, prioritize what's on Netflix...

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Rewrite Embarrassment: Turn Facepalm Moments Into Comics

Life is often full of sloppy, cringe-worthy moments that make us look back and either want to go hide under our duvet or blush like a bashful cartoon woodland creature. We tourment ourselves over the what ifs, the Steve Urkel-esque "did I do thats?", and replay them...

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Mistakes Actually Aren’t The Worst

Making mistakes while you're drawing sucks. But they only stay mistakes if you don't learn from them. Learning from drawing mistakes is, like the meaning of the box on that episode of Friends, threefold: 1. Know you can fix them. 2. Don't label them as weaknesses....

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3 steps to add suspense to your comics

Alfred Hitchcock, world-famous film director, is known as the Master of Suspense. In 1962, French director Francois Truffaut interviewed him. In their discussion, Hitchcock shared this recipe to keep audiences on the edge of their seats:   Surprise vs. Suspense “There...

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Being inspired isn’t enough…

Let's play word association! I'll go first: Inspiration. ...Inspiration = treadmill! "Wait, what? Treadmill?!" 👈 You must be wondering why inspiration makes me think of exercise equipment but stick with me here... The thing about inspiration is: it makes you feel like...

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A Meditation To Calm Your Mind From Irrational Thoughts

In this post, I'm teaching you my favorite Kundalini yoga meditation! It's all about calming your nerves, mind, and helps you get past pesky irrational thoughts... You'll strengthen your ability to work through creative blocks and turn negative self-talk into...

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3 Ways To Unlock Comic Book Magic In Real Life

Magic superpowers are everywhere in comic books. We read them and live vicariously through the tales of ordinary (and already magical) people discovering newfound strength, insight, and power. But, guess what? There are actual magic powers that we can tap into in our...

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Let’s Talk About Self-Love + Comics

You know when it's Valentine's Day there are always those couples who say: “Oh, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s, we show our love for each other every day of the year.” Self-love is and should be more like that. ...It shouldn't be a stand-in when there’s no...

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Smart + Inspiring: Reverse Flâneur by M. Sabine Rear

I'm starting a series on the blog where I'll be sharing my favorite comics: ones that I discover at my local comic book store and this fabulous place called "the internet" 😉 The books I'm featuring are by super cool creators who aren't just telling good stories but...

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Comics That Say More: Stupid Childhood Traumas

In-between moments can be a carefree dream...just like this quote from Gia Coppola: "You spend time figuring out what to do, but those moments goofing around figuring it out are the most fun. You know, you’re hanging out in the parking garage. The in-between moments...

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Comics That Say More: Porky

When I was 8, I wore an oversized, baby-pink sweatshirt to school. My friends called me Porky Pig. They claimed it was because of our shared pink hue... All I saw was our shared pot bellies. When I was 11, a doctor prescribed me Paxil. The pills replaced my anxiety...

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