Comics That Say More: Stupid Childhood Traumas


In-between moments can be a carefree dream…just like this quote from Gia Coppola:

“You spend time figuring out what to do, but those moments goofing around figuring it out are the most fun. You know, you’re hanging out in the parking garage. The in-between moments are the best.”

That freedom to live in the here-and-now is where magic is truly made.

But there are other times when the in-between feels more like being left out.

Being in limbo.

Not really fitting in.

This is especially true when we’re growing up.

Like the comic above: being in-between kid and adult sizes and getting teased for having to shop at The “grown-up” Gap.

We all have our version of this.

And we take those experiences seriously enough in the moment that they often form these tiny yet powerful beliefs that we carry with us into adulthood:

• “I’m not good enough.”

• “I have to do x, y, z in order to belong.”

• “I need to accomplish this/be this size/look this way in order to be successful/accepted/loved.”

But what if you can take the power away from those experiences? What if you can rewrite the limiting thoughts you tell yourself?

It’s possible and so much easier once you realize: the reason you beat yourself up today isn’t so much about your current state as it is about an idea you formed about yourself long ago.


Here’s the secret (mindset) sauce:

Acknowledge something you’ve experienced in the past as being a bit stupid or silly.

That can truly set you free. It’s not about calling yourself silly, stupid, or to dismiss your feelings (those are always valid.)

It’s as Gabby Bernstein and A Course In Miracles says:

“Laugh at the ego’s tiny, mad ideas.”

It’s a little nudge to yourself to say: “Yeah, I really need to stop letting that have so much power over me. I can give myself permission to not let it define me.” It puts it in perspective.

All you have to do is look at the past differently. Look at it through a lens of love and laugh at the fears, the not-so-great feelings, and know that they aren’t what’s real.

Have love and compassion for yourself. That is what’s real.

Then you can truly be present in the present and make the in-between about all the magic and pleasure that you deserve.

And while you’re at it, allow yourself the willingness to look upon everyone else in your past memories (the people who maybe made you feel left out or alone) with the same love and compassion. That’s another gift all in itself!


Shine bright,

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