Let’s Talk About Self-Love + Comics


You know when it’s Valentine’s Day there are always those couples who say:

“Oh, we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s, we show our love for each other every day of the year.”

Self-love is and should be more like that.

…It shouldn’t be a stand-in when there’s no romantic love or just when you need to unplug and take a long bath. Self-love is an ongoing relationship with yourself that whispers to you in the best and worst moments: “I’m okay.” (As you’ll learn more about in the audio coming up.)

Self-love creates more.

Loving myself more has helped me create better work. Not that it should be measured in comparison but it simply feels better. I don’t second guess myself as much. I can trust my ideas and instincts without intense doubt.

Now, this wouldn’t be something I wrote without a little advocacy… 😉  Because, as women, it’s easier than men to fall into the societal feeling that we need a partner to complete ourselves. You know like what movies tell us: from early Disney to Jerry Maguire to the many others that don’t pass the Bechdel Test.

So, with that in mind, let’s not just embrace our own self-love but also champion our character’s self-love and independence. Especially, our female characters.

In fact, I challenge you: whenever you’re inclined to write a character who’s pining after another, try approaching their POV from a self-loving perspective. Have them learn that they can be all they need. Don’t rely on making their happiness dependent on another.

(Speaking in movies: think more Frances Ha less 27 Dresses.)


It’s not just about you.

Self-love isn’t selfish. It isn’t driven by the ego, it’s led by compassion. It actually opens our minds, eyes, and hearts to other’s experiences. Making us better storytellers, amongst the benefits. Feeling that we, and our work, are enough is what lowers our defenses. What we feel inside is what we project outside of ourselves… And into our work.

That gets me to the audio I recorded for you (yay!) I use drawing as the main example but it also applies to writing and comics, too.

Have a listen:

Here’s a comic that’s talkin’ my talk:

P.S. I made you a playlist…



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