curious about making comics?


  • Have a comic idea you’re stoked about but don’t know how to get it on the page?
  • Think you “can’t draw” and could never make comics…but still are intrigued?
  • Do the “how-to make comics” books send you into overwhelm?
  • Can’t seem to make comic magic happen no matter how hard you try?

Trust me, all those things are normal. I’ve been there. And I can tell you: you’re meant to make your comic dreams and curiousities a reality!

Just like I did.


Here’s my secret: the mini comic.

a.k.a. Your new comic-making superpower. 

Mini comics are everywhere.

They’re getting digital on Instagram, Facebook, and blogs, gaining icon status in The New Yorker, printed in indie ‘zines, collected in epic graphic novels.

The best part is: mini comics teach you the basics you need to make any size comic. They’re meant to inspire, not overwhelm and actually get you creating, not just thinking about creating.

With mini comics, you might be starting small but you’re never playing small.

You crave (and deserve!) something more than attempts and overwhelm.


So, what do you say… Ready to activate your comic making superpowers?


An easy, fun digital course helping you get comics made. You’ll dive into 7 lessons—taking you from “I have no clue” to “I’ve got this!”—and learn everything you need to write, draw, and share your own original comics! Just imagine, after all the struggling, the feeling of being able to take your ideas and transform them into finished, shareable comics. It’s more than possible. With Make a Mini Comic, it’s the new normal.


What You’ll Get.

Discover all the different types of comics, their “many hats” diversity, + what separates them from ‘zines. You’ll get clear on how you’ll use your mini comic when it’s done—that’ll excite you + your readers alike.

Find your signature style and the #YouDoYou way to stand out from the crowd. 

Write your comic the most powerful way (hint: it only involves one sentence) and master the art of visual storytelling—a skill you’ll be able to use in the future, no matter how big or small your comic.

Unlock your ability to draw comics even if you “can barely draw a stick figure.” By diving into two different styles of drawing, you’ll find a way that suits you best.

Pick the right materials, learn to fix mistakes, and create your comic using made-for-you panel templates (because there’s no greater buzz kill than having to stop and draw the panels before you can get your idea on the page.)

A bank of Q+A’s, resources, and tips to support you along the way.

Make your mini comic sharable in print and/or digital form—using everyday tech you already have—so you can wow (and gain) followers, buyers, fans, and clients!

  • A mood board tutorial to capture your unique inspiration.
  • The must-know trick that’ll give your comic a “pro” look.
  • My popular Stick Figure Secret workbook.
  • And COMING SOON: Making Mini Comics on the iPad.


Cartoonist & writer.

My love of teaching began as a teacher’s assistant at Pacific Northwest College of Art and I brought it online in 2015, teaching at Skillshare and now my own school (right here!)

My obsession is finding the easiest, most aligned ways to create (because it’s never as hard or complicated as we may think!)

I’m psyched to share this course with you—I’ve designed it to be accessible, inspiring, and transformative. You’ll come away with the clarity and skills to create the comics of your dreams. 

Student Success Stories.

I’m a terrible procrastinator and this class gave me ideas + the tools to get the ball rolling on my story…so easy to understand.


Student, Write a Fantasy Adventure

Morgan’s course has been really helpful! The step-by-step breakdown of the process is very well done and helps alleviate the overwhelm.


Student, The Hitchcock Method

I came away with a fresh way of looking at things—the materials really got me thinking—and a bunch of new techniques to use!


Student, Write a Fantasy Adventure

Let’s make it official!

  • • Get instant access to all 7 multimedia lessons + workbooks.
  • • A growing selection of helpful, in-depth bonus content.
  • • Free course updates + lifetime access.
  • • Accessible across all your devices—learn anytime, anywhere.
  • • Everything you need to know to write, draw, and share your own original comics!


If you aren’t jiving with the course after doing all the Make a Mini Comic lessons, email (with your completed lesson workbooks, showing that you tried it out): within 14 days following enrollment and a refund will be issued.

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