Oh, The comics you’ll draw

Downloadable Panel Template

Struggling to draw panels in a uniform way? Here’s your solution.

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INCLUDES: 1 – Digital PDF file template with instructions.


1) Print and draw @ 8.5″ x 11″ / A4 paper size

2) Print and draw @ 11″ x 17″ / tabloid paper size

3) Place in digital drawing programs.

FEATURES: • Use it over and over, no matter what kind or length of comic you wish to create. • More than five customizable panel sizes + combinations. • Set to standard comic book page size. • Prints in non-photo blue (so the template guides won’t show up on your final comic.)

Want comics made for you?

Custom comics

Imagine: eye popping marketing for your business (ads, blog posts, emails!)… From one panel digital comics to promotional zines, everything—characters, story, setting—created just for you, speaking directly to your customers. 

Oh, The comics you’ll draw– downloadable panel template

Struggling to draw panels in a uniform way? Here’s your solution.

Craving to make your own?

Make a mini comic – on-demand online course

Whether you dream of your own graphic novel, popular comic blog, or using comics to show off + sell your products or services, mini comics are the perfect thing to make it happen.

NEW TO DRAWING? get started with THIS free guide:

The Stick Figure Secret: How to draw people in comics (even if you think you can’t.)

  • Learn how to craft simple awesome characters.
  • Discover 3 drawing myths that stand in your way.
  • Get ready to loooove drawing comics.

Save yourself from the “drawing scaries” with this workbook…
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